We help merchants cross borders and build their eCommerce business in the new economy.

Founded in 2003, LianLian Pay is the fourth largest non-banking third-party payment service provider in China. 连连支付开放平台,致力于为企业提供专业的定制化支付解决方案。在这里可以找到接入连连支付各类产品时所需的说明文档、材料及资源,了解连连支付各类支付产品的适用范围及相关特性。 连薪,连连旗下人力费用支付平台 LL Terminal - A total solution tool designed for local Thai business: - Support a variety of payment methods in one mobile phone, such as Alipay, WeChat Pay, credit card payment, etc.; - Support multi-store management, from single store to chain store, we provide one-stop solution, one store manages all stores, the data is clear at a glance; - Support staff management, you can add unlimited 有了Apple Pay,你可以使用iPhone6 和 Apple Watch等,以简单、安全并且私密的方式在众多商店和app中进行支付。 连连银通电子支付有限公司是浙江省级高新企业,成立于2004年,注册资金3.25亿元。2011年9月获得人民银行颁发的第二批支付许可证(浙江省第二家)业务范围为全国范围的互联网支付、移动手机支付业务。 LianlianPay_public_key. The Authorization header must be included in all requests with the following format: Authorization: Basic {token} Your API keys carry many privileges, so be sure to keep them secure! Do not share your secret API keys in publicly accessible areas such … 连连跨境金融业务,为跨境电商卖家提供创新型贷款融资服务,该服务具有额度高、利率低、到账快、所见即所得等特点,并且通过不同产品,如提前宝、订单宝、信用宝等满足用户不同场景的资金需求。 The LianLianPay API is organized around REST.

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More information: 29 Oct 2019 LianLian Group is China's leading independent third-party payment provider. The group owns and operates the industry's top cross-border  +66 2 062 2977. Highlights info row image. Contact LianLian Pay Thailand on Messenger. Highlights info row image.

Contact Email; Phone Number +86 400 018 8888. Founded in 2003, Lianlian Yintong Electronic Payment Co., Ltd (Lianlian Pay) is the 

查看全部公司还有2个其他办公地址. 杭州市滨江区连连大厦1; 杭州市拱墅 区莱茵·矩阵国际6层. 公司官网.  2020年6月5日 如果你有跨境收款需要的话,可以使用本文注册链接: payment/lianlianpay.html 申请注册(复制粘贴到浏览器),或者  2019年4月26日 点击连连跨境收款注册网址

21 Dec 2020 The service is available immediately to merchants based in China at http:// This partnership expands LianLian 

88 Paso Tower 20th floor, Silom Road, Bangkok  Weigh In. Founded: 2003. Status: PrivateIndependent Company. SIC Code: 6199 NAICS listing ».

Facebook: LianLianPayTH. Email. cs@ Our mailing address is. 88 Paso Tower 20th floor, Silom Road, Bangkok  Weigh In. Founded: 2003. Status: PrivateIndependent Company. SIC Code: 6199 NAICS listing ».

What is a Subdomain Finder? Our subdomain finder is a tool which performs an advanced scan over the specified domain and tries to find as many subdomains as possible. While scanning it also checks whether the domain is tunneling through CloudFlare. LianLian | 1,257 followers on LinkedIn. Connect Merchants of the World, Serve You Around the Globe | Founded in Hangzhou, China in 2004, LianLian Group is a global Fintech company with the mission LianLianPay chargeback-prevention system can help merchant reduce chargeback rate and save money. This extention will be enable only if the merchant uses LianLianPay's Payment GW. When the merchant completes a payment order through LianLianPay's Payment GW, this extention will be active and upload a little extra necessary information with (hosted on details, including IP, backlinks, redirect information, and reverse IP shared hosting data 连连支付 - LianLian Pay 版权归连连银通电子支付有限公司所有 工信部备案号:浙B2-20080148-2 浙公网安备 33010802004661号 本网站支持IPv6访问 工信部备案 Where there is Lianlian Pay, there is simple, inexpensive, fast, and secure payment . and money transfer services for merchants and consumers around the world.

Our mailing address is. 88 Paso Tower 20th floor, Silom Road, Bangkok  Weigh In. Founded: 2003. Status: PrivateIndependent Company. SIC Code: 6199 NAICS listing ». Website: Est. Annual Revenue. 6 Nov 2017 regulatory filing & declaration, RMB disbursement and online RMB acquisitions .

2020年7月11日 网站名称: LianlianPay连连支付. 网站ico图标: 简短描述: 全牌照,无汇损,费率0.7 %封顶,5分钟内到账. 网站网址: 设置公钥和密钥的方法:①登陆连连支付商户站 login.htm②进入安全信息(安全中心-->安全信息)③修改商户密钥维护④签名方式 第一步,打开绑定店铺链接。 第二步,选择您的 ERP服务商-店小秘,填写实名认证手机号以及短信验证码,点击下一步. 第三步,

2020年8月23日 网址, [访问]. 解析IP, 证书指纹, *. - Lianlian Yintong Electronic Payment Co., Ltd. Arthur Zhu joined LianLian Pay in 2008 as President. Mr Zhu has had over 20 years of experience as a senior investor in Internet  7 Nov 2019 style='text-decoration:underline;font-size:10px;color:#76838b;' href='https://'> via  了紧密合作。致力于为广大商户提供最专业的手机支付解决方案,为手机支付量 身打造SDK及WAP支付网关! 网站 : 性质 : 支付方式.

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2017年12月27日 官网:; 手续费:1.2%(无其他费用)新用户首单免手续 费; 时间:最快2天提现到账(亲测最快2天,最迟4天) 

2、填写登录账号  アリペイ(Alipay)/支付宝( アリペイ(Alipay)/ 支付宝 を占めていますが、その他. ・连连支付( ) .